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  • Startup

    42DIGITAL is a leading online marketing agency located in Hamburg and Bremen (Germany). 42 develops and implements digital marketing strategies with a focus on search, social and display marketing for international clients. Feel free to contact us for a chat about cooperation possibilities.

    42DIGITAL GmbH
    Konsul-Smidt-Str. 8p
    28217 Bremen, Germany
    +49 421 59 65 99 00

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jens Brechmann
    Stephan Römer


    48forward is not just a platform for events about innovation and future topics, about trends and visions. It is a whole community of like-minded people and those who are curious, curious about the things that will be on our minds within the upcoming decades.

    Rainer-Werner-Fassbinder-Platz 2
    80636 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 21 55 30 37

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Daniel Fuerg

    absence_220x140.png is a flexible and secure online HR solution for small and medium sized businesses and covers Time Off Management, Master Data Management, Time Tracking and Onboarding with a very strong focus on user oriented design and usability. GmbH
    Zielstattstrasse 19
    81379 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 416 177 060

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Nikbin Rohany


    Companies and brands need to mentally engage people with inspiring stimuli or risk losing their attention and time. achtung! is the communications agency for these stimuli: Our solutions kick things into motion. We create stories, marketing campaigns, PR stunts, and media stagings designed above paid, owned, and earned media, bringing it all to life through the most suitable channels.

    achtung! GmbH
    Strassenbahnring 3
    20251 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 45 02 10-500

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Mirko Kaminski


    ACPAD Instruments GmbH is a German/Indian company headquartered in Berlin. Founded in June 2015, the startup had a very successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter that raised about 8 times its initial target. Since then, the company has gone into production and successfully delivered ACPAD to all Kickstarter backers.

    ACPAD Instruments GmbH
    Sonnenallee 150
    12059 Berlin, Germany
    +49 172 184 63 73

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Rainer Hirl


    Since 2006 ad agents is managing online marketing activities using all online channels and all devices. International customers from B2B and B2C rely on our experience and know-how in developing and implementing successful performance marketing campaigns. Main services are SEA, SEO, data-driven marketing, paid social, affiliate, product data management. Feel free to contact us for a chat at SXSW.

    ad agents GmbH
    Am Joachimsberg 10-12
    71083 Herrenberg, Germany
    +49 (0)7032 89585 00

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Wolfgang Schilling
    Dirk Lajosbanyai


    Founded in 1999 in Nuremberg, Germany, ad pepper media has continually been driven by entrepreneurship and a pioneer spirit. We use the most up-to-date technology which is part of the company’s DNA. ad pepper media is a leading international performance marketing company. As a well-established and experienced team ad pepper media are able to fulfil clients’ needs in a fast and effective manner. ad pepper media has a European presence in Germany, Spain and United Kingdom.

    ad pepper media International N.V.
    Frankenstrasse 150c
    90482 Nuremberg, Germany
    +49 911 929 057 166

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Dr. Jens Koerner


    Amplify Design in Stuttgart was founded in 2010 by Robert Schrem. 30 Designers and engineers develop concepts, verify technologies, design and build functional prototypes for products and services, including 3D animated movies with sounds and virtual worlds for scenario and experience testing.

    amplify design GmbH
    Schlossstrasse 70
    70156 Stuttgart, Germany
    +49 711 460 575 28

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Eberhard Frank


    Wearable Life Science GmbH developed the ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR - the world’s first performance enhancing sportswear utilizing EMS to deliver gains in performance.  ANTELOPE is composed of compression sportswear with integrated electrodes, a smartphone-sized power device, as well as an app to control the whole system.

    Wearable Life Science GmbH (ANTELOPE.CLUB)
    Dr.-Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 30
    90402 Nuremberg, Germany
    +49 69 795 888 95

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Daniela Zeibig

  • ARTE

    ARTE is a Franco-German and European Adventure. Public service TV channel ARTE supports creativity and culture in all forms. Programs are broadcast 24/7 on all types of screens throughout Europe and beyond. The founding fathers of ARTE, believed that a joint television channel should bring French and German citizens closer on a cultural level and promote cultural integration throughout Europe. Creating a television channel for two audiences was a first in television’s history and is still an exception in the global TV market to this date.

    ARTE Deutschland
    Schuetzenstrasse 1
    76530 Baden-Baden, Germany
    +49 7221 936910

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Dr. Markus Nievelstein


    Aspekteins is Europe's leading digital agency for integrated Virtual-Reality Experiences and top end interactive 360-degree-video production. Following a full-service approach, Aspekteins not only delivers concepting and production but also distribution of VR experiences via mobile Apps and Software.

    Aspekteins GmbH
    Kantstrasse 6a
    66111 Saarbruecken, Germany
    +49 681 688 021 08

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Daniel Guthor

  • ASQF

    The Association for Software Quality and Further Education (ASQF e.V.) is the network of excellence for the software development industry in German-speaking European countries. As an independent professional association, ASQF represents the interests of its members and sparks incentives for action in the economy and at the political level.

    Association for Software Quality and Further Education (ASQF e.V.)
    Friedrich-Engels-Strasse 24
    14473 Potsdam, Germany
    +49 331 231 810 29

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Christian Senftleben


    Audiotool is a free online music workstation with over 850k users from around the world. It’s mission is to help democratize music production and enable live-collaboration. The browser-based, award-winning platform allows music producers to collaborate live on creating tracks.

    Im Mediapark 5b
    50670 Cologne, Germany
    +49 162 902 8518

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Mirta Gilson

  • B-REEL

    B-Reel is an owner-managed agency founded in Stockholm in 1999. The Berlin office aims to build meaningful brand stories and empower companies to create services and products driving digital transformation beyond the constraints of traditional formats. Clients include Google, Zalando, McDonald’s and Beats Electronics.

    Brunnenstrasse 154
    10115 Berlin, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Marie-Louise Sadakane


    Baden-Württemberg International is the competence center for the internationalization of the State of Baden-Württemberg. Our main objectives are strengthening contacts between foreign and local companies and universities as well as positioning Baden-Württemberg as an excellent location.

    Baden-Württemberg International
    Willi-Bleicher-Strasse 19
    70174 Stuttgart, Germany
    +49 711 227870

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Cornelia Frank


    Baqend develops a cloud platform, to help programmers build instantly-loading websites with a novel caching algorithm. With its research-backed SaaS, Baqend enables e-commerce, agencies, startups and software companies to create incredibly fast applications that sustain even the heaviest load.

    Baqend GmbH
    Vogt-Koelln-Strasse 30
    22527 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 609 405 39

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Felix Gessert


    WE MAKE DIGITAL WORK - Our technical expertise and thorough understanding of contemporary brand management creates the key link between strategy, marketing and technology. Our portfolio ranges from digital transformations and integrated e-commerce and e-business solutions, to digital communications and online marketing.

    Dieffenbachstrasse 33
    10967 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 69 5660 7330

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Arndt Kuehne


    Bavaria Entertainment is an award winning German TV production company that produces and distributes entertainment content for a variety of broadcast networks and other distribution platforms.
    Our work is focused on the in-house development and realization of ideas and the successful combination of science and service with great entertainment. Variety & Quiz, entertainment shows, comedy  and factual productions are an core part of our portfolio. We have extensive specialized experience in the international production of high-quality science and nature film clips.
    We consistently provide programs that inform, provoke and always entertain

    Bavaria Entertainment GmbH
    Hans-Boeckler-Str. 163
    50354 Huerth, Germany
    +49 221 67787660

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Oliver Fuchs

    Ina Eck

    bayerisches ministerium_ghhp.jpg

    The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs aims to ensure Bavaria’s position as economic powerhouse. Our Foreign Trade Dept. fosters business extension from Bavaria to the world. Our Dept. of Digitization and Media combines technique and content to develop a future strategy committed to innovation.

    Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology (StMWi)
    Prinzregentenstrasse 28
    80538 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 2162 2285

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Christian Kleppmann

    Silke Schmidt

    bavarian us offices_ghhp.jpg

    Our San Francisco based team offers individual assistance to US companies considering expanding their business to Germany. We help finding the right business location and establishing contacts with key partners in Bavaria. Our services are confidential, free of charge and without obligation.

    Bavarian U.S. Offices for Economic Development LLC West Coast Division
    388 Market Street, Suite 1050
    San Francisco, CA 94111, USA
    +1 415 362 1001

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Antonia Zierer

    James Mister


    Bayerischer Rundfunk is Bavaria’s public broadcasting service with around 8 million viewers/listeners per day throughout Germany. With ten radio and two television stations, two internationally renowned symphony orchestras and a  chorus and a strong offering of digital products, we are one of Europe's most respected broadcast institutions.

    Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavaria’s public broadcasting service)
    Rundfunkplatz 1
    80335 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 59 00 01

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Manuela Baldauf

    Tanja Huether

    Mustafa Isik

    bayerisches filmzentrum_ghhp.jpg

    Bayerisches Filmzentrum Startup incubator in Munich offers talent filmmakers and media professionals an ideal launch pad. With masterclasses, labs, hackathons and international conferences with focus on digital storytelling, AR/VR and 360° film it brings technology content creators together. 

    Bayerisches Filmzentrum
    Bavariafilmplatz 7
    82031 Gruenwald, Germany
    +49 89 649 81 - 0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Astrid Kahmke

    bayern international.jpg

    Bayern International, a company from the Free State of Bavaria has made promoting the exports of small and medium sized Bavarian companies to new markets worldwide and supports marketing Bavaria as a business location.

    Bayern International -
    Bayerische Gesellschaft für Internationale Wirtschaftsbeziehungen mbH
    Landsberger Str. 300
    80687 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 660566 204

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Rosi Saubert


    Berlin Partner is a public private partnership whose mission is to provide business and technology support for companies, investors and scientific institutions in Berlin. Our many experts provide an outstanding range of programs to help companies launch, innovate, expand and secure their economic future in Berlin.

    Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH 
    Fasanenstr. 85
    10623 Berlin, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Olivia Hohoff
    +49 172 2616275


    The Berliner Festspiele is a modern promoter of cultural events with a unique structure: it simultaneously implements exhibitions at the Martin Gropius Bau as well as performances at its Festivals, academy programmes and guest production series. The interplay of different art forms that results from this is unrivalled and highly significant for the development of the modern arts. Contemporary in its perspective, international in its aims and exceptional in its format – this combination has led to the Festspiele establishing a good name for both its own and its co-productions in the world of art, while its festivals are fixtures in the European cultural calendar. Festivals such as MaerzMusikTheatertreffenJazzfest Berlin and Musikfest Berlin are of a high quality, as are the large-scale retrospectives in the Festspiele’s art and exhibition venue. These always set new standards in the presentation of innovative contemporary art, for example with focus on “Between the Arts”, or “Festival as a Time Laboratory”. Festivalgoers have become significantly younger over the past few years, and the Festspiele itself has been committed to the support of children and adolescents for decades.

    Berliner Festspiele GmbH
    Schaperstrasse 24
    10719 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 254 89 203

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Thomas Oberender


    BigRep is a Berlin technology start-up that manufactures the world's largest, serial 3D printer and has become a market leader of large-scale, serial 3D printing. The BigRep ONE is the largest FFF printer on the world market. The BigRep ONE, the BigRep Studio and BigRep Tech, are supplementing the product portfolio. The BigRep team numbers over 60 employees.

    BigRep GmbH
    Gneisenaustrasse 66
    10961 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 208 482 60

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Maik Dobberack


    Bingo Merch has been providing tour merchandise and online sales for up-and-coming as well as established bands since 2006.

    Bingo Merch GmbH
    Dieffenbachstrasse 33
    10967 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 700 116 723

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Keith Nealy


    We link musicians – with their fans & repertoire, background & solo artist, venues & festivals – worldwide.
    As special interest platform for musicians, from choir-singer to jazz virtuosi, based on Apps as DIY website-kit & self publishing, we deploy logic catering to the distinct needs of musicians.

    BlankMusic GmbH
    Medienhaus Mainz
    Wallstr. 11
    55122 Mainz, Germany
    +49 6131 6369195 5

    Contact person at SXSW:
    David Zitzlsperger

  • BLM

    Under the stipulations of the Bavarian Constitution, the BLM acts as a public-service institution licensing and controlling commercial radio, television and online services for Bavaria and beyond. With its research and development activities, the BLM aims at promoting a technical infrastructure which will warrant the future-proof, secure and sustainable development for commercial broadcasting in the digital world.
    The BLM also sees itself as an information platform for all interested parties and aims at optimum transparency in its activities.

    BLM - Bavarian Regulatory Authority for New Media
    Heinrich-Luebke-Strasse 27
    81737 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 638 08 121

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Siegfried Schneider


    Bohème is Location-Based Media Technology that helps businesses enable their customers to explore special offers and services while enjoying their location. Bohème allows customers to get access to the latest paid-content stories from the magazines and favorite newspapers from around the globe.

    Boheme Digital GmbH
    Klausenburgerstrasse 9
    81677 Munich, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Amadeo Gaigl

    Vincenzo Di Salvo


    Botswatch provides real time analyses of social bot behaviour on social media networks. We run fully automated and databased social bot detection to show the influence of social bots’ activity in discussions on Twitter during special occasions like election campaigns.

    Tabea Wilke



    Brain script, founded 2007 by former tv pro Nikolai A. Behr, offers a wide range of consulting and creation services in strategy and communication including corporate video, image video and product films. We also produce VR / 360° Experiences for our clients.

    brain script GmbH
    Montgelasstrasse. 8
    81679 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 8890 4635

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Dr. Nikolai A. Behr


    BSH Hausgeräte GmbH is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe and one of the leading companies in the sector worldwide. With a portfolio of 14 brands, BSH covers a wide range of consumer needs. Alongside the Global Brands Bosch and Siemens¹ as well as Gaggenau and Neff, the portfolio comprises the Local Heroes Thermador, Balay, Coldex, Constructa, Pitsos, Profilo, Ufesa and Zelmer, as well as the Label Brands Junker and Viva.

    BSH is a Trademark Licensee of Robert Bosch GmbH and Siemens AG for the brands Bosch and Siemens.

    BSH Hausgeräte GmbH
    Carl-Wery-Strasse 34
    81739 Munich, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jan Warp


    Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany and the largest city in NRW as part of the Rhine-Ruhr region with more than 10 million inhabitants. The Cologne Cathedral is a world cultural heritage site and an attraction for tourists from around the world. Cologne is one of the most important media cities in Germany.

    City of Cologne
    Willy-Brandt-Platz 2
    50679 Cologne, Germany
    +49 221 221 24101

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Roland Berger



    City Slang is an independent record label with offices in Germany, France, the UK and the US. It has in the past released music by bands like Yo La Tengo, Hole, Flaming Lips, Arcade Fire and The Notwist. Currently the roster includes artists like Caribou, Junip, Timber Timbre, Lambchop, Calexico, Roosevelt, Noga Erez, sir Was, Hauschka and Sinkane, amongst others.

    City Slang
    Dieffenbachstrasse 33 
    10967 Berlin, Germany
    +49 (0)30 700 1167 0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Christof Ellinghaus

  • COMA

    The coma AG is a digital agency with 3 specialized units based in Munich. comaBUZZ represents social campaigning , social media, content marketing and influencer relations.
    comaUXD consults its clients concerning User-Experience in websites and apps. comaDEV is specialized in web mobile development and in technical system consulting.

    coma AG
    Hogenbergstrasse 20
    80686 Munich, Germany
    +49 89-189457-0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    André Gebel


    Condé Nast is the most exclusive media company in the world. Our unrivaled global brands influence trends and represent excellence in their markets. Founded in 1909 in the USA by Condé Montrose Nast, Condé Nast has also set the bar for the premium segment in Germany since 1978, with a portfolio that currently include VOGUE, GLAMOUR, myself, GQ, AD and WIRED.

    Condé Nast Verlag GmbH
    Karlstrasse 23
    80333 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 38 10 4-0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Krischan Lehmann

    Jan Sobota


    Convent Kongresse GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of ZEIT Publishing Group, publisher of Germany’s leading weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT and ZEIT Online. With over 20 years of experience in the market, Convent manages the brand “ZEIT Events” and is among Germany’s top conference companies.

    Convent Kongresse GmbH –
    A Company of ZEIT Publishing Group

    Senckenberganlage 10-12
    60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    +49 69 79 40 95 25

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Oliver Bock


    Creative Europe Desks are the information offices of the Creative Europe MEDIA Program of the European Union which supports the film and audiovisual industries in the EU and beyond. There’s funding for producers, distributors, film festivals, film markets, training initiatives and much more.

    Creative Europe Desk Hamburg
    Friedensallee 14-16
    22765 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 390 6585

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Britta Erich


    CREATIVE.NRW is the network of creative professionals in North Rhine-Westphalia. We build bridges between the creative industries and other sectors, provide contacts and knowledge and work to further strengthen creative stimulus for innovation and growth in the economy and society - to continually improve the conditions for successful creative work.

    Competence Centre for Creative Industries

    Im Mediapark 5
    50672 Cologne, Germany
    +49 221 1773335-0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Claudia Jericho


    Data-Warehouse GmbH is a bavarian software vendor and provide world leading (high) secure IT-platforms in the areas of data management (IQIMS:,  software development (EBUS- Generator: and cyber security and IT-trust (Cert’n Key:

    Data-Warehouse GmbH
    Beethovenstrasse 35
    85521 Ottobrunn, Germany
    +49 89 660 393 0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Alexander Löw


    Datarella delivers Big Data Solutions -everything you need for digital business transformation: Cloud storage and computing, machine learning and predictive analytics. Datarella IoT Solutions provide data driven business logic for connected devices and the industrial internet. Datarella Blockchain Solutions is your full service consulting and development for business applications of the blockchain.

    Datarella GmbH
    Oskar-von-Miller-Ring 36
    80333 Munich, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Joerg Blumtritt


    DEOXY develops a One-Button-Device that identifies the right drug for each cancer patient. Enabling personalized medicine - fast, cost efficient and simple.

    DEOXY Technologies
    Theresienhoehe 6c
    80330 Munich, Germany
    +49 177 971 7874

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jo B. Woehrstein

    Dr. Robert Grummt


    Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies, with round 156 million mobile customers, 29 million fixed-network lines, and more than 18 million broadband lines.

    Deutsche Telekom
    Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 140
    53113 Bonn, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Lena Raschke

    Nadine Neuber


    To satisfy the ever-growing interest in the Bundesliga, the DFL has been rapidly expanding its digital presence via its subsidiary, DFL Digital Sports. 55 employees and many freelance contributors are based at the Cologne office, to produce digital content and distribute it on multiple platforms.

    DFL Digital Sports GmbH
    Kaltenbornweg 2
    50679 Cologne, Germany
    +49 221 337760-0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Andreas Heyden


    The Digital Hub Cologne is a meta-network that connects companies and startups by matching supply and demand in the heart of Western Germany. With concrete service we support innovative startups and cooperations to set up new business models. Which partner would YOU like to be connected with?

    Digital Hub Cologne GmbH
    Im Mediapark 5
    50670 Cologne, Germany
    +49 221 97580840

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Mathias Haerchen


    Net. Work. Power. The Digital Media Women is a network of action-taking-tech females. We stand for giving women a stage, whether at conferences, in the media or managing boards. Our aim is to give women in tech an equal and visible voice: open, respected and groundbreaking.

    Digital Media Women e.V.
    c/o betahaus Hamburg
    Eifflerstraße 43
    22769 Hamburg, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Sanja Stankovic

    Sin To


    Since 1996 the Corporate Communication has been providing web presence of the Diocese of Essen. It gives information about Catholic life in the region between the Rhine in the West and Lenne in the East – by its online portal. Moreover, the diocese more and more deploys the new channels of social networks and mobile communication.

    Diocese of Essen
    Zwoelfling 16
    45127 Essen, Germany
    +49 201 2204 588

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jens Albers


    Dropout Films is a creative collective of writers, filmmakers, designers, digital artists and computer nerds based in Germany. We steer boats and drones, fly planes and helicopters and would even ride deers or hippos if necessary.
    PS: Watch out for our superawesome content sharing web application tool "Aprovid".

    55122 Mainz, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Daniel Seideneder


    As a successful international economic hub, Düsseldorf offers a high quality of life, a reliable economic infrastructure and moderate settlement / operating costs. The Office of Development provides services for entrepreneurs, companies and investors, especially in the key sectors creative industries, fashion, ICT and life sciences.

    City of Düsseldorf
    Office of Economic Development
    Competence Center for Creative Industries
    Burgplatz 1
    40213 Duesseldorf, Germany
    +49 211 89 93799

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Lars Terlinden


    TV marketer EL CARTEL MEDIA is a wholly owned subsidiary of RTL II. The Munich-based TV station’s programming features shows about life in all its many facets making it the number one German-speaking reality channel. Having a close connection to the audience and familiarity with its needs also benefits RTL II’s partners and advertising clients. It is for them that EL CARTEL MEDIA creates unique offerings for modern and effective brand communication across all digital media.

    El Cartel Media GmbH & Co. KG
    Lil-Dagover-Ring 1
    82031 Gruenwald, Germany
    +49 89 64 18 50

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Andreas Kösling


    Elbkind is a communication agency with offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart. Our work revolves around all things digital, we spark conversations, trigger recommendations and raise awareness. We lead our clients through the digital jungle with competence and a down-to-earth attitude and support them every step of the way.

    elbkind GmbH
    Pinnasberg 47
    20359 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 432 824 7-55

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Tobias Spörer

    Silja Harm


    ElektroCouture is the world’s first ready-to-wear fashiontechnology brand – and with that we have extensive experience working with customers and partners to prototype and manufacture fashion and wearable technologies. 

    Tempelhofer Ufer 17
    10963 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 30806598

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Lisa Lang

  • EMS

    EMS offers superior digital logistic solutions to power the complete technical side of your media business. From metadata management to quality assurance and timely delivery to your retail partners worldwide, your are in control of all relevant aspects, including sales analytics.

    Encoding Management Service - EMS GmbH
    Bismarckstr. 48a
    51373 Leverkusen, Germany
    +49 214 892219-0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Marc Radermacher, CEO
    Irmin Wiechmann, CTO


    Endemol Shine Beyond is a digital content Powerhouse, a producer of digital content such as "Coke TV" for Coca Cola or the "Great Easter Bunny" for Mediamarkt. Together with partners, brands and agencies, we develop and produce creative content.

    Endemol Shine Beyond Germany GmbH
    Am Coloneum 3-7
    50829 Cologne, Germany
    +49 221 650 30 491

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Michael Kollatschny

  • ENGN

    Smart technologies for good marketing

    ENGN is a Marketing Intelligence Agency – the first one in Germany. We help our clients to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing and communications activities with strategies, processes, technologies and suitable creation.

    ENGN GmbH
    Eimsbütteler Str. 64a
    22769 Hamburg, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Matthias Wesselmann


    Based on its expertise in startup building and startup ecosystems the etventure Startup Hub team validates startup ideas within a dedicated company builder, supports companies and organisations to build strong startup ecosystems and manages EU-funded programs in IoT, Big Data and eHealth.

    etventure Startup Hub
    Ackerstrasse 14
    10115 Berlin, Germany
    +49 1621390717

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Maren Lesche


    Since 1996, we are the agency for digital transformation, carefully guiding our customers through the digital revolution. In addition to media powerhouses like Axel Springer and the BBC, we also work for established brands and companies such as Red Bull, Audi, Deutsche Telekom, and Wooga.

    Exozet Berlin GmbH
    Platz der Luftbrücke 4-6
    12101 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30-246 560-218

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Henry Bauer


    Experimental Game was founded in 2010 for the purpose to develop and deploy Gamebook Technology, the number one software for digital storytelling that aims to be the industry standard for the production of playable media.

    Experimental Game GmbH
    August-Bebel-Straße 26-53
    14482 Potsdam, Germany
    +49 30 787 19 200

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Prof. Thomas Langhanki


    Fanmiles is redefining loyalty by powering the digital loyalty programs of forward-thinking businesses, all over the world. With the first loyalty SDK and currency, Fanmiles provides a data-driven, integratable loyalty solution for businesses wishing to reward, retarget and monetize their customer relationships across any channel, app or platform. Fans and customers earn #fanmiles and redeem them on rewards from their favorite brands, all on one account.

    Fanmiles GmbH
    Oranienstraße 6
    10997 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 5770230 13

    Contact Person at SXSW:
    Lara Hämmerle


    Driven by Deutsche Telekom, Fashion Fusion is an ideas competition aimed at encouraging creative minds from fashion and technology to team up, engage and challenge the fashion status quo with groundbreaking concepts.

    Fashion Fusion
    Winterfeldtstraße 21
    10781 Berlin, Germany
    +49 151 1111 61 62

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Antje Hundhausen

    Felicitas Hackmann


    Fun at work is in your grasp with Favotec's playful SW collection. The Livya Document Generator eliminates repetitive writing, giving you way more time for good old sword fights! And with the other hand? You could create an awesome professional SW in a few minutes using our Rapid Prototyping Tool!

    Weipertstrasse 8
    74076 Heilbronn, Germany
    +49 71316188181

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Christophe Conil


    The Film Festival Cologne is one of Europe’s leading festivals for extraordinary television and independent film productions. It is unique in being an event for media professionals and aficionados alike, focusing on high-profile film screenings, awards and international symposiums with illustrious guests and internationally renowned speakers.

    Film Festival Cologne
    Am Hof 28
    50667 Cologne, Germany
    +49 221 788 785 10

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Johannes Hensen


    The Film University follows an interdisciplinary approach to the artistic, technological, and academic teaching and research on of film. In our Innovation Center for Immersive Imaging Technologies we are researching and producing 360 degree imaging and sound, Virtual Reality und Augmented Reality.

    Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
    Marlene-Dietrich-Allee 11
    14482 Potsdam, Germany
    +49 331-6202-236

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Prof. Björn Stockleben


    Curiosity, daring and international experience are our armaments in the world of storytelling. We interweave documentary cinema films and TV films, web and mobile formats, virtual reality and installations to cross-media experiences. Recent projects: BAUHAUS SPIRIT, netwars / out of CTRL.

    Filmtank GmbH
    Kottbusser Damm 79
    10967 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 75631477

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Michael Grotenhoff


    finetunes has been creating opportunities for independent labels in the digital music and video markets for more than 14 years. The digital solutions company distributes a high quality and focused roster of international independent record labels and provides tailor-made services and tools.

    finetunes GmbH
    Stresemannstrasse 375, Unit 11
    22761 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 32891981-00

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Simon Semrau

    Michael Bock



    To offer the world new enticements, to support the Berlin music scene to the best of one's abilities and to show a lot of love for every detail in decoration! Embedded in a magically enchanted forest and encircled with extra fine sand dunes Feel Festivals takes you on mould-breaking fun trip!

    Firlefanz GmbH - Feel Festival
    Bergheider Straße 4
    03238 Lichterfeld, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jonas Seetge
    +49-178-860 4103 

    Martin Salchow
    +49-176-2383 4427


    fischerAppelt is one of the largest owner-operated agency groups in Germany. For more than 30 years, we have been driven by the ambition to put our clients in the public eye, mouth and mind. Today, this passion is shared by around 400 employees at eight locations working in the core disciplines public relations, film and digital marketing.

    fischerAppelt AG
    Waterloohain 5
    22769 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 – 899 699-0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Benjamin Werner


    Strength in numbers: “FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen GmbH” is Europe’s largest festival organizer. In 2016, the Hamburg-based promoter organized more than 20 festivals all over Europe – in addition to about 300 local concerts and 300 tours with music giants such as Billy Talent, Justin Bieber or Placebo.

    FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen GmbH
    Grosse Elbstrasse 277a
    22767 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 853 88 888

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Stephan Thanscheidt


    Four Artists was founded in 2000 by the german HipHop pioneers "Die Fantastischen Vier". The company has a very strong domestic roster containing acts from different genres including Seeed, Die Fantastischen Vier, Boy, Wanda, Clueso, Marteria, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Joris, Andreas Bourani and many others.
    In the past 12 years the company has constantly build up an international roster now containing artists as David Guetta, Mac Miller, The Lumineers, Justice, Trombone Shorty, Hermitude, Gramatik, Allah-Las and many others.

    Four Artists Booking Agentur GmbH
    Mehringdamm 53-55
    10961 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 3466 3080

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Henning Ahrens


    Four Music was founded in 1996 by Die Fantastischen Vier, one of Germany’s most successful bands. They created a label by artists for artists which it is still today, under Sony Music’s wing. Four Music’s approach is different, filled with new ideas, and with a sincere interest in any type of genre.

    Four Music Productions GmbH 
    Schlegelstrasse 26 B
    10115 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 13888 7744

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Michael Stockum (General Manager Four Music)
    Robin Shaw (A&R Four Music)
    Niklas Tietjens (A&R Four Music)


    Fraunhofer IDMT is a key technology provider and research partner for the creative industries worldwide. Headed by mp3-co-inventor Karlheinz Brandenburg the institute is doing research in the field of metadata retrieval and media management and develops solutions for spatial sound reproduction.

    Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT
    Ehrenbergstr. 31
    98693 Ilmenau, Germany
    +49 3677 467-0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Steffen Holly

    René Rodigast


    FTR4H (Future for Health) is a networking platform for Digital Health influencers active in Mobile, IoT and Data. FTR4H showcases how digital health innovation can provide better care for consumers across the patients care continuum. Meet, mingle & join the tribe: #FTR4H. Powered by MEDICA.

    c/o Messe Duesseldorf GmbH
    40474 Duesseldorf, Germany
    +49 162-1390717

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Maren Lesche, Community Advisor and blogger at

  • FUNK

    We are funk – the first public service broadcasting network in Germany. We create online content on social networks and third party platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. We enable talents, established YouTubers and newcomers to create content that can inform, engage and entertain 14 to 29-year-olds – without commercial influence or product placements.

    c/o SWR
    Rhabanusstraße 3
    55118 Mainz, Germany
    +49 6131 929 31470

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Florian Hager


    futurest is an innovation make tank which supports well-known companies like METRO, REWE, Deutsche Telekom and BMW in the field of innovation management and product developement – both in the conception and in the implementation of new products and services. Analytic foresighting methods, user-centered development and agile work are essential components of our approach. 

    futurest GmbH
    Bruesseler Strasse 21
    Rhabanusstraße 3
    50674 Cologne, Germany
    +49 221 500 60 64 50

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Dr. Babak Zeini

    Manuel Kreutz


    Gamewheel is a new online platform (SaaS) for more effective gamified communication and marketing. Without any deep technical knowledge, creative marketers from Brands like Burger King and Paramount use Gamewheel to create and distribute Game Ads, delivering stunning metrics like CTRs of over 40%.

    Kemperplatz 1a
    10785 Berlin, Germany
    +49 171992349

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Evgeni Kouris


    glomex – The Global Media Exchange is an online marketplace for professionally produced video content where content owners, website publishers and marketers can easily trade content for reach – without fixed fees or setup cost. glomex takes care of the entire technical process as well as billing and licensing.

    glomex – The Global Media Exchange
    Medienallee 4
    85774 Unterfoehring, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Michael Jaschke, CEO


    Imagine you are travelling, you see a breathtaking sunset and the song on your headphone is just perfect. groovecat lets you capture these music moments. Just take a picture and the app will automatically combine it with the song and location. Now you can save and share the Soundtrack Of Your Life.

    Hafenstraße 74
    68159 Mannheim, Germany
    +49 172 7727544

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Markus Schwarzer

    Jakob Höflich

  • GUZZ

    Guzz is a social app based on video-chat where people support each other in solving problems, learning practical skills, or taking decisions. It's for all situations where YouTube can't help because you need individual assistance from a real person, e.g. when planning a house or removing a PC virus.

    Wiesenstraße 17
    76356 Weingarten, Germany
    +49 1578 4582532

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Tom Brückner


    We promote the City of Hamburg in terms of business development, tourism & MICE and international media relations. Hamburg is a beautiful and green city on the waterfront forming a metropolitan region of some 5 million residents. It is an old trade city and a creative industries hub for northern Europe.

    Hamburg Marketing GmbH
    Wexstraße 7
    20355 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 41 11 10 616

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Johannes Everke

    Matthias Beer (Media Relations)


    hamburg startups_ghhp.jpg

    Hamburg Startups is the leading startup platform of Hamburg and is committed to effective networking and representation in the startup scene.
    Alongside a variety of unusual event formats, such as Startups@Reeperbahn, the  founders created the German StartupSpot which gives a representation of all startups.

    Hamburg Startups  - HHS NET UG
    Am Sandtorkai 71
    20457 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 171 8352419

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Sanja Stankovic



    Havas is a leading integrated marketing and communications agency. The Havas network has 12,500 employees in 120 cities in 75 countries. Some of Havas Germany's clients: PayPal, Peugeot, Citroën, Reckitt Benckiser, granini, Olympus, Mondelez, Campari, Linde, RaboDirect.

    Havas Duesseldorf GmbH
    Kaiserswerther Str. 135       
    40474 Duesseldorf, Germany
    +49 211 9916-0 

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Alexander Mühl


    Heise Medien is publishing magazines for the IT/Tech industry like „c’t Magazin für Computertechnik“, as well as operating a huge web presence with “heise online” and “”. Beside our print and digital portfolio we are organizing around 60 events with 30,000 attendees per year.

    Heise Medien GmbH & Co. KG
    Karl-Wiechert-Allee 10 
    30625 Hanover, Germany
    +49 511-5352-149

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Joerg Muehle


    I am a photographer and filmmaker from germany. Primarily I provide image films and photos for advertising campaigns. I work for these clients: Adidas, Villeroy Boch, BMW and more. In cooperation with MediaApes and Artwork Inc we work on a professional solution for virtual reality film and sound.

    HEYMO Film & Foto
    Friedrichstr. 53
    67433 Neustadt, Germany
    +49 176 73021540

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Moritz Schleiffelder

  • HIGH 5

    High5 is committed to supporting startups in the development of their employee’s skills. We offer highly effective e-learning modules that accelerate competence development. High5 works with startups to develop talent and release potential – essential factors for success!

    High5 GmbH
    Friedrich-Engels-Str. 24
    14473 Potsdam, Germany
    +49 331-231810-39

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Julia Schirmer

    Sabrina Cordes


    Hirschen Group was founded in 2005 and ranks among the five biggest owner-run agency groups in Germany. Part of Hirschen Group are Germany’s leading campaigning agency Zum goldenen Hirschen, digital multichannel agency ressourcenmangel, advertising agency Freunde des Hauses, performance marketing specialists TraDeers E-Commerce, strategy consultancy VORN as well as 365 Sherpas, one of Germany's leading consultancies for corporate affairs and policy advice.

    Hirschen Group GmbH
    An der Alster 85
    20099 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 28455- 208

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Marcel Loko


    HMR International is one of the leading consultancies for media companies in Germany. HMR was founded in 1995 and offers integrated consulting services in the media and television industry.

    HMR International GmbH & Co. KG
    Am Hof 28
    50667 Cologne, Germany
    +49 221 788 785 50

    Contact person at SXSW:

    Dr. Martina Richter

    Sarah Recht



    HolodeckVR is a unique and completely new way of experiencing virtual realities. Instead of being isolated and in a static position the user is invited to move around freely in areas up to 100m2 with as many as 120 users. This is enabled through a proprietary technology, system integration of of-the-shelf technology and mind-blowing experiences.

    Holodeck VR
    Fraunhofer IIS
    Nordostpark 84
    90411 Nueremberg, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jonathan Nowak Delgado
    +49 178 61 56 429

    Dr. Stephan Otto


    HOLOPLOT revolutionizes the way sound is transmitted and creates virtual acoustic spaces for audio immersive environments. Our technology will spark a paradigm-shift for audio professionals, allowing them to control sound freely for the first time. It is our vision to provide everyone with the best and most realistic audio experience in the world and opening new ways for professionals to accomplish this.

    Holoplot GmbH
    Ringbahnstraße 10-14
    12099 Berlin, Germany
    +49-173-565 4508

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Roman Sick


    HONEYPUMP is a Berlin based Innovation & Future Think Tank.
    We are a Network of highly experienced Entrepreneurs, Designers, Coders, Data Scientists and Strategic Minds.
    Services: Digital Strategy, Innovation Management, Business Transformation, Scenario-Management, Intrapreneurship, Corporate Venture Programs, Labs, Accelerators, Organizational Design, Service Design, Product Design, Business Intelligence, Data, Technology.

    Lettestr. 6
    10437 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 6881 4033

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Manuel Funk


    The IHM is the network of the music business in Hamburg, representing enterprises in all branches of the music industry. Its main target is to support and help shaping the city of Hamburg as a location of music and music industry by means of networking, public relations and lobbying.

    Hamburg Music Business Association (IHM)
    Neuer Pferdemarkt 1
    20359 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 431 795 929

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Timotheus Wiesmann


    immmr is an open communication service which unifies voice, video calls and messaging. immmr is able to free the mobile number from your phone and SIM card, offers additional numbers, calling passes for international calls and can connect from any device to any user.

    immmr gmbh
    Winterfeldtstrasse 21
    10781 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 311 996 31

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Norbert Richard Meinike

    ini musik_ghhp.jpg

    Initiative Musik is the central funding agency and export office for Rock, Pop and Jazz in Germany. It makes financial support available to up-and-coming musicians based in Germany and looking to gain broader access to national and international markets.

    Initiative Musik
    Friedrichstraße 122
    10117 Berlin, Germany
    +49 (0)30 - 531 475 45 - 0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Ina Keßler

    Mike P. Heisel

    Michael Wallies (PR)


    innogy Ventures is the venture capital arm of innogy SE, one of Europe’s largest utility companies. Our purpose is to find the best teams that strive to make the world a better place. We believe in digital innovation that is data-driven, utilizes proprietary, “transactive” technologies, and contributes to the Internet of Things or digital transformation (e.g. blockchain, AI, VR/AR).

    innogy Corporate Ventures GmbH
    c/o WeWork Hackescher Markt
    Neue Schönhauser Str. 3-5
    10178 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 120 84 945

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Mischa Wetzel


    Inveox is preventing cancer misdiagnosis by creating a smart pathology. We are a MedTech startup revolutionizing the tissue handling processes in pathology labs thus establishing the infrastructure for medical IoT.

    Herzog-Heinrich-Strasse 5
    80336 Munich, Germany
    +49 173-9107498

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Dominik Sievert


    You want to learn more about Bavaria as a business location and how to start your company successfully in Bavaria? Get in touch – we will be happy to tell you more! Invest in Bavaria is the business promotion agency of the state of Bavaria and offers cost-free services, confidential and individual. 

    Invest in Bavaria
    Prinzregentenstrasse 22
    80538 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 24210 7500

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Lisa Kohl


    iRewardHealth, an international startup from the first batch of Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin, clears the last hurdle in user engagement by turning healthy actions into cash. Their wellness program tackles the massive problem of preventable diseases using behavioral economics to effectively motivate healthy behavior change. Founded by a team of experts, and fueled by their proprietary reward algorithm, iRewardHeath is gaining traction in US and German markets, showing the world that Health pays!

    iRewardHealth GmbH
    Winterfeldtstraße 21
    10781 Berlin, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Rick McCartney, CEO

    Nina Kiwit

  • ISQI

    The International Software Quality Institute (iSQI), headquartered in Potsdam with branch offices in Amstelveen, London and Boston is a leading provider of certification examinations all over the world. With over 25,000 certifications per year, iSQI paves the way for successful career development.

    iSQI GmbH
    Friedrich-Engels-Strasse 24
    14473 Potsdam, Germany
    +49 331 231810-0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Sabrina Cordes

    Stephan Goericke



    Designed by Friedrich W. Krämer and completed in 1963, this cultural and conference venue is situated in Frankfurt. Since then the stage is graced by famous rock stars, great musicals and comedians, shareholder meetings, company presentations and incentive events.
    “One house - all possibilities”

    Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Jahrhunderthalle GmbH 
    Pfaffenwiese 301
    65929 Frankfurt, Germany
    +49 69-3601-236

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Julia Mücke



    jetlite increases comfort on long-range-flights due to Jetlag-Reduction by (1) chronobiological improved lighting solutions for aircraft and airports, (2) nutrition-concepts for airline-catering and airport-services plus (3) suggestions for passengers regarding sleep, light- and nutrition-impact over the whole passenger-journey (pre-in-post flight).

    Falkenried 42
    20251 Hamburg, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Achim Leder


    k-production is an Agency builder and highly customized content marketing production company owning some of the leading marketing agencies in Germany. Management consultancy: content, strategy-, marketing- and operational- solutions. Feel free to contact us for a chat about cooperation possibilities.

    k-production GmbH
    Garbenpfad 9
    12683 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 74076115

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jan Kutschera


    Founded 2005 in Germany as a specialist PR agency for lifestyle communication, we now have a staff of 20 experts in Düsseldorf and Munich involved in the creation of individual content and social media strategies for brand manufacturers.

    Karkalis Communications
    Merowingerstraße 61
    40225 Duesseldorf, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    André Karkalis


    Ketchum Pleon is among the leading Germany communications agencies, specialized in corporate communications, public affairs, change, healthcare, campaigning, digital, brand and sales communications – with 7 offices in Germany and more than 100 offices  in 70 countries worldwide.

    Ketchum Pleon GmbH
    Bahnstraße 2
    40212 Duesseldorf, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Ruediger Maessen

    Frederik Tautz


    dmexco is the global business and innovation platform of the digital economy. Organized by Koelnmesse dmexco is the industry’s top event of the year.

    gamescom is Europe´s leading trade fair for the gaming business and the gaming culture, and the biggest entertainment event in the world!

    Koelnmesse GmbH
    Messeplatz 1
    50679 Cologne, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Sebastian Rosito

    koralle blau_ghhp.jpg

    Koralle Blau is a booking & festival agency from Hamburg. We're booking shows in Germany, Austria, Switzerland for artists such as Isolation Berlin and Kinky Friedman. We also organize two music festivals: Müssen Alle Mit Festival & Hanse Song Festival.

    Koralle Blau
    Rellinger Straße 11
    20257 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 174 167 2615

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Sebastian Tim


    kpunktnull is a digital consultancy working for companies like DHL, Henkel or GM Europe (Opel). Furthermore we run social media channels for brands. Whatever we do, our point of view is always long term and strategic.

    Jaegerhofstr. 21 - 22
    40237 Duesseldorf, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Thomas Knüwer
    Frank Horn


    The production company Lagerfeuer Medienproduktion was founded in 2012. Main Business is Developing, Production and Consulting. Clients are broadcasters, telcos and production companies. To enable high quality content for any target group we work with a network of experts in all kind of media.

    Lagerfeuer Medienproduktion UG
    Am Hof 28
    50667 Cologne, Germany
    + 49 221 788 785 56

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Till Stein


    LAVAlabs Moving Images is an innovative and creative studio for film, visual effects, animation and motion graphics with offices in Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Berlin. We offer state-of-the-art VFX, 3D animation, motion design and product visualization for feature films, digital media and interactive installations. We have a broad network with agile, innovative and inter-disciplinary teams. Every project challenge is different — our solutions are just as unique.

    LAVAlabs moving images GmbH & Co. KG
    Ackerstraße 11
    40233 Duesseldorf, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Michael Brink

    Rolf Mütze

  • LFM

    The Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia (LfM) is the supervisory institution for private broadcasters in NRW. The LfM is an independent organisation, not controlled by the State and financed by license fees. Established in 1987, the LfM is one of 14 State Media Authorities in Germany.

    The Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia (LfM)
    Zollhof 2
    40221 Duesseldorf, Germany
    +49 211 77007161

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Prof. Dr. Werner Schwaderlapp


    Linden Harlow - making things work.
    - Strategic planning (online strategy; monetization; online transition)
    - Project Management (social media; online strategy; tracking & analytics)
    - Operational implementation
    - 360 degrees Audio- and Podcastproduction (

    Linden Harlow UG
    Brigittenstrasse 4
    20359 Hamburg, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Patrick Aust


    Lofelt creates high-quality tech products for people who are passionate about music. In 2017, the company launched the Basslet, the watch-size subwoofer that delivers bass to the body – for a powerful music experience that headphones alone cannot provide. Lofelt is based in Berlin.

    Glogauer Str. 21
    10999 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 12053177

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Susanne Marcus


    LollipApp GmbH was founded in 2014 and has since focused on developing CheapCharts, the ultimate deal finder for all digital media deals. Whether you are interested in movies, tv shows, books, music or apps, CheapCharts will provide you with all the deals you love.

    LollipApp GmbH
    Erthalstr. 1
    55118 Mainz, Germany
    +49 6131 9064880

    Contact person at SXSW:
    David Becker

    Alexander Iyimen


    Make.TV reinvents content acquisition and discovery for live mobile video production. Using Make.TV Live Video Cloud, producers can acquire UGC and live content using smartphones, pro cameras and encoders. The best video can then be selected, managed and distributed to any TV, social or OTT network.

    Make.TV GmbH
    Im Mediapark 5 b
    50670 Cologne, Germany
    +49 6430 75 50

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Andreas Jacobi


    makers & breakers is an agency for cooperation management and new business strategie for all players of the creative industry. We consider us as an enabler for national and international creative ideas and projects in Germany. 

    makers & breakers
    Brunnenhofstrasse 2
    22767 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40-209 321 144

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Katja Garff


    MediaApes is an innovative sound company developing 3D audio. Working on their own label they are co-publisher with BMG. They open music business to new concepts for art and industry. Their portfolio includes songwriting, music production, artist management, branding and 3D audio.

    MediaApes GmbH
    Friedrichstraße 36
    67433 Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Germany
    +49 6321 9991823

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Sebastian Gsuck

    Tobias Strauch


    Media Lab Bayern is an incubator for new ideas in digital media and digital journalism. Our Media Entrepreneurship Program brings together talents and helps them finding co-founders and innovative startup ideas. In our Media Startup Fellowship we supports teams in founding their own media startup.

    Media Lab Bavaria
    Rosenheimer Straße 145
    81671 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 638080

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Lina Timm

    Stefan Sutor


    As the independent media authority for Germany`s Capital Region Berlin and Brandenburg, the mabb, a public-law institution, ensures diversity in private media and supports media literacy projects and media innovations.

    Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb)
    Kleine Präsidentenstraße 1
    10178 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 2649670

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Stephan Goericke

    media cluster nrw_ghhp.png

    Mediencluster NRW/Mediennetzwerk NRW is the regional contact point for the digital media and startup scene in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. We connect, consult and inform about funding and financing. We support companies during the process of locating, founding and expanding their businesses.

    Mediencluster NRW GmbH
    Kaistr. 14
    40221 Duesseldorf, Germany
    +49 211 93050 302

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jan Lingemann


    The Membran Entertainment Group is one of the leading European independents. Our LABEL SERVICES established in 1997 cover:
    Worldwide Physical & Digital Distribution
    Rights Management -  Licensing & Sync
    Product & Label Management
    Promotion coordination to: Radio, Press, TV, Online & Streaming

    Membran Entertainment Group GmbH
    Langenhorner Chaussee 44a
    22335 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 4711 0111

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Manlio Celotti


    Messe Düsseldorf is one of the world’s largest exhibition venues. Almost half of the 50 trade fair events are globally leading trade fairs. The international activities of Messe Düsseldorf are supported by eight subsidiaries and 71 foreign representations for 132 countries.

    Messe Düsseldorf GmbH
    Stockumer Kirchstraße 61
    40474 Duesseldorf, Germany
    +49 211 4560-01

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Dr. Claudio Bucchi

    Mark Wächter


    The Mewes Entertainment Group operates as an artist management and agency as well as a local promoter for (international) concerts and shows. Furthermore it acts as a producer for live shows, film industry and merchandise.

    MEWES Entertainment Group GmbH
    Mairmoorweg 44
    22179 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 642 23 766

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jan Mewes


    Miramedia is a video content aggregator for online and mobile platforms worldwide. the company is specialized on Asian and European video content.

    Goltsteinstr 87
    50968 Cologne, Germany
    +49 221 355 338 7400

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Wolfgang Wilke

  • MPM

    MPM was founded in 2000. We combine classic agency services with the profile of a consultancy and systems house. By this we are creating its own new market and take a unique position. Our services are Communication Strategy, Corporate Reporting, Corporate Publishing and Content Marketing.

    MPM Corporate Communication Solutions -
    Media Process Management GmbH
    Untere Zahlbacher Str. 13
    55131 Mainz, Germany
    +49 6131 95690

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Philipp Mann


    The Team of Excellence for the Cultural and Creative Industries is a service provided by the City of Munich to support the cultural and creative industries in the Munich Metropolitan Region (MM). It offers free advice to individuals and companies working in every segment of these multi-faceted industries, supports their image building and networking efforts, and helps them find suitable office space and premises.

    Team of Excellence for the Cultural and
    Creative Industries of the City of Munich
    Dachauer Str. 114
    80636 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 233 28917

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jürgen Korbinian Enninger


    FILMFEST MÜNCHEN was established in 1983. FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is a principal summer film festival with over 80,000 admissions every year. Over 2,000 film industry professionals from around the world and over 500 members of the press are accredited annually. FILMFEST MÜNCHEN screens over 200 feature films, documentaries and TV movies each year.

    Filmfest München
    Sonnenstraße 21
    80331 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 38 19 04 25

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Sofia Glasl


    Munich Startup is the official startup portal for Munich. It offers an overview about news, events and Munich's ecosystem. The service section provides visitors with practical hints. Munich Startup also encourages networking between startups and potential partners.

    Munich Startup
    Gollierstrasse 70
    80339 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 54 09 25 39

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Gabriele Boehmer


    Neuland Concerts is a booking agency and tour promoter for many national and international artists (i.e. Anne-Marie, Biffy Clyro, Jason Derulo, Kovacs, Robin Schulz, Twenty One Pilots, ZAZ) and offers services in all fields of live entertainment, incl. corporate- and brand events such as the production of special events.

    Neuland Concerts GmbH
    Schulterblatt 58
    20357 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 189 87 67 0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Christian Gerlach


    New Audio Technology (NAT) develops and distributes high performance audio products for industrial, professional and end user applications. The product applications are in 3D / Immersive film & music, VR & AR and game audio.

    New Audio Technology GmbH
    Warnholtzstrasse 4
    22767 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 386 101 67

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Tom Ammermann


    Where Future Mobility Begins: The New Mobility World 2017 is the place at the IAA where pioneers meet and innovation comes to life. Digital experts, technology companies, startups, disruptors and the automotive industry come together to discuss and build the future of mobility. NMW takes place in Frankfurt am Main, from Sept. 14-24.

    New Mobility World
    Kemperplatz 1
    10785 Berlin, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Dirk Evenson


    North Rhine-Westphalia is Germany’s No. 1 investment location. Many German trading companies value the business location and have their headquarters here. NRW is not only the home of large companies; it also hosts a significant small and medium business sector.

    Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry
    of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia
    Berger Allee 25
    40213 Duesseldorf, Germany
    +49 211/61772-399

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Ulrike Coqui

    onehundreddigital_ghhp.jpg is a Full Service Online Marketing agency located in the creative capital Berlin. We develop individual digital strategies for our clients and improve their online presence by using all modern instruments of Online Marketing.

    onehundreddigital GmbH
    Bergmannstraße 102
    10961 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 61286010

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Simon Boé

    open xchange_ghhp.jpg

    Open-Xchange is the leading provider of open source software-as-a-service solutions for hosting, service provider and telecommunications companies. Open-Xchange delivers email, messaging and collaboration solutions, and best-in-class IMAP and DNS management.

    Open-Xchange AG
    Rollnerstrasse 14
    90408 Nuremberg, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Rafael Laguna


    At Openers we connect, grow and empower innovative companies through everything conversational. We´re helping technology companies go to global and connect corporations with the international startup community. 

    Wattstr. 11 (c/o Ahoy Berlin)
    13355 Berlin, Germany
    +49 160 9466 2108

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Kerstin Bock

    Carolin Lessoued

    pantaflix_220x140.png a 100% subsidiary of Pantaleon Entertainment AG is an innovative cloud-based Video-on-Demand (VoD) platform, which for the first time enables filmmakers and rights owners to market their productions to a worldwide audience with just a few clicks. offers low-barrier market access to the exploitation chain. 75 percent of sales go straight to the producer, 25 percent to

    Pantaflix GmbH
    Neue Schönhauser Str. 16
    10178 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 220 661610

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Dan Maag


    Picter enhances daily workflows for professional photographers and enterprises that work with photographs on a daily basis. Picter provides a subscription based platform that pushes the boundaries on how we interact with photographs and how we navigate through photography.

    Bismarckstr. 3
    86159 Augsburg, Germany
    +49 821 31930010

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Claudio Ricci

  • PIQD

    piqd is a platform for curated journalism. Diverse experts collect the most relevant, english content from all over the world in 6 topic channels. They pitch each of their recommendations, always telling the user why he should invest his valuable time on this very content.

    piqd GmbH
    Widenmayerstrasse 38
    80538 Munich, Germany
    +49 173 3625104

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Marcus von Jordan


    Pon't Danic Music is a Berlin based concert promotion and artist management company. We are y young and passionate team founded in 2014. In addition to promoting concerts in Berlin, we represent the artists Joel Sarakula and Violetta Zironi since 2016.

    Pon't Danic Music GmbH
    Puecklerstrasse 46
    14195 Berlin, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Tabeah Berler

    popakademie bw_ghhp.jpg

    The Popakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg is an academy that distinguishes itself from others throughout outstanding reputations for all aspects of the music business. This is supported by numerous projects ranging from European partnerships to the regional development and economic support for media businesses in the region of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

    Popakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg GmbH
    Hafenstrasse 33
    68159 Mannheim, Germany
    +49 621 533972 26

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Prof. Hubert Wandjo

    Prof. Dr. Alexander Endress


    Prime Productions is one of the leading German independent production companies specialized in comedy, light and factual entertainment programmes for all major German broadcasters. In our digital unit we develop and produce comedy content for a wide range of online channels.

    Prime Productions GmbH
    Schanzenstr. 22
    51063 Cologne, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jochen Voss


    Brandenburg´s greatest asset in the field of popular music are its summer festivals for electronic music such as the "Feel Festival" or "The Wild Carrot". We are supported by the State of Brandenburg to promote creators, organizers and vendors of popular music - everything from country to rock, jazz and electronic music. 

    Project Popular Music in Brandenburg
    Charlottenstraße 121
    14467 Potsdam, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Franziska Pollin


    Propeller Music & Event GmbH has been one of the leading local promoters in Munich, Germany for more than 15 Years, the owner-manager Frank Wilhelm Bergmeyer being in business for more  than 30 years.
    Rock, Indie, Alternative – clubs, stadiums, open airs.

    Propeller Music & Event GmbH
    Pilgersheimer Str. 64
    81543 Munich, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Frank Wilhelm Bergmeyer


    ProSiebenSat.1 Group is one of the largest independent media corporations in Europe. With our TV-stations we are number 1 in Germany both in the TV-advertising and audience-market. We are also Germany’s leading online video marketer and offer high-quality entertainment with our digital assets.

    ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE
    Medienallee 7
    85774 Unterfoehring, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Robert Richter, VP Content Strategy TV Deutschland GmbH


    Publicis Pixelpark belongs to the Pixelpark corporation and can be found in Barcelona, Berlin, Bielefeld, Erlangen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. This is where creative and profitable communication and E-business solutions are developed. About 900 communication- and digital experts across various sectors take pride in working for well-known national and international names.

    Publicis Pixelpark
    Walther-Rathenau-Straße 33-35
    33602 Bielefeld, Germany
    +49 521 98780 158

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Stefan Trockel


    30 years ago Gong 96.3 launched its program as the first private radio station in Germany. Until today the program, that is still being created in the studios located in the heart of the city, elates the Munich audience. It’s the unique mixture of current news, music and the way of presenting that makes Gong 96.3 the most listened to radio station in Munich.

    Radio Gong 2000 GmbH & Co. KG
    Franz-Joseph-Strasse 14
    80801 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 381 66 100

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Georg Dingler

    reeperbahn festival_ghhp.jpg

    Reeperbahn Festival is Germany’s largest club festival and is one of the most important meeting places for the music and creative digital industries in Europe, selling 37,000 tickets and welcoming more than 4,400 international delegates. Reeperbahn Festival 2017 will be held Sept. 20-23 in Hamburg.

    Reeperbahn Festival
    Neuer Pferdemarkt 1
    20359 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 431 79 59 - 0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Max Domma

    Evelyn Sieber


    Remote control is an independent, international active production house and mother to Europe`s biggest family of game developers with 13 studios in 4 countries and over 160 creatives. Rcp’s teams have developed over 75 games that are being played by more than 130 million gamers worldwide and have cross-plattform experience on all major engines. 

    remote control productions GmbH
    Karlstraße 68
    80335 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 210 205 774

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Stefan Kreutzer


    The Ministry supports small and medium sized enterprises in doing business worldwide. It gives them a platform to present their excellent products to decision makers from all over the world. The companies in Rhineland-Palatinate think global, act quickly and flexible and have international experience.

    Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture of
    the German State Rhineland-Palatinate (MWVLW)
    Stiftsstr. 9 
    55116 Mainz, Germany
    +49 6131 16-0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Daniela Heimstadt

    Jörg Sabrowski


    GoodToGo is the full service provider for Rough Trade Distribution and Groove Attack. The GTG/RTD/GA group is one of the independet market leaders in music distribution in Germany and Austria and one of the two biggest European distributors. They distribute physically and digitally worldwide!

    Rough Trade Distribution GmbH / Groove Attack GmbH /  GoodToGo GmbH
    Mathias-Brueggen-Str. 85
    50829 Cologne, Germany
    +49 221 99075-0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Matthias Böttcher

    Jan Henke

  • RTL II

    RTL II is one of the leading private TV stations in Germany. Its entertaining docusoaps, high-quality series and feature films attract and delight young audiences. In addition, RTL II runs a wide range of very successful digital offerings such as video on demand, mobile apps or social media.

    RTL2 Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG
    Lil-Dagover-Ring 1
    82031 Gruenwald, Germany
    +49 89 64 18 50

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Christian Nienaber

    rungetv_220x140.png is an well-established full-service provider with strong competence in the area of TV-productions. has reached to become a full featured studio capable of handling TV projects of all sizes. Furthermore we are a documentary and current affairs production company with a long history of making creative films.
    Widdersdorferstr. 190
    Im alten Gaswerk
    50825 Cologne, Germany
    +49 221 4998 110

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Rudolf Runge
    Niklas Runge

    rushlake media_ghhp.jpg

    Rushlake Media is a German digital distribution company, which represents producers and rights holders in the international VOD market. One of our focuses is the African market.
    RLM also develops new and innovative distribution-services like KINO ON DEMAND, which received the ECO INTERNET AWARD.

    Rushlake Media GmbH
    Karolingerring 31
    50678 Cologne, Germany
    +49 221 58832180

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Philipp Hoffmann


  • SAME – people like you! Find likeminded people nearby, going to the same events. Plan your trip, stay and activities to share costs and great moments! Organize activities in your hometown with your friends or connect with new likeminded people around you, to do more of what you like!

    Burgstraße 8
    56068 Koblenz, Germany
    +49 261 3905 2644

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Christian Neubauer


    SapientNitro, part of Publicis.Sapient, is a new breed of agency redefining storytelling for an always-on world. We’re changing the way our clients engage today’s connected consumers by creating integrated, immersive stories across brand communications, digital engagement, and omni-channel commerce.

    Sapient GmbH
    Arnulfstr. 60
    80335 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 552 987 0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Christian Waitzinger

  • SEDO

    Sedo is the leading domain marketplace and monetization provider. Headquartered in Cologne, Germany and with an office in Boston, USA, Sedo has assembled the world’s largest database of domain names for sale with more than 18 million listings. The success of Sedo's model has attracted a client base of more than 2 million domain professionals in 180 countries worldwide.

    Sedo GmbH
    Im Mediapark 6
    50670 Cologne, Germany
    +49 180 5 733622

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Christian Voss



    Launched 2015 as Germany’s first festival dedicated exclusively to drama series and TV culture,  SERIENCAMP builds a platform for serial storytelling: The PRO DAYS with 320 screenwriters, producers, directors, buyers and distributors and the free-of-charge PUBLIC SCREENINGS with 4.500 visitors.

    Seriencamp UG
    Ringseisstr. 10a        
    80337 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 599 181 43

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Gerhard Maier


    The Serviceplan Group is the largest (35 locations worldwide) and most diversified owner-managed and partner-managed agency group in Europe. Serviceplan developed the concept of a “House of Communication”. This is still the only fully integrated agency model in Germany, combining all manner of communication disciplines under one roof.

    Serviceplan Gruppe für innovative Kommunikation GmbH & Co. KG
    House of Communication
    Brienner Straße 45 a-d 
    80333 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 2050 20

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Joana-Marie Stolz

    Nicolas Roemer


    Sfëar is a software for creating "immersive audio" in a quality which supercedes the current standard (Ambisonic 1st Order) by 4 steps (Ambisonic of 5th Order). Sfëar means the ex-teritorialization of sound--we are thus capable of creating the impression that the source of the sound is actually outside of one´s head.

    Sfëar Audio 
    Brückenstraße 1
    10179 Berlin, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Lars Mylius


    Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a global technology powerhouse that has stood for engineering excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality for more than 165 years. The company is active in more than 200 countries, focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization.

    Siemens AG
    Wittelsbacher Platz 2
    Munich, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Michael Stenberg


    smart has always been more than just a car. smart is an idea of how we can enhance the quality of city life, making it simpler and more attractive. Recharge your mind, experience great speakers and store energy for new forward-thinking ideas from 11-14 March on 6th Street at Waller Ballroom.

    Smart Branded Entertainment
    Leibnizstr. 2
    71032 Boeblingen, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Sarah Kantschar

    Nadja Pohle


    Smoope was founded in 2013 and has helped 300+ businesses so far to up their game in the conversational age. The startup offers secure and flexible messaging infrastructure used for customer service and more. It enables human-to-human interactions as well as service automation based on bots.

    smoope GmbH
    Pischekstraße 68
    70184 Stuttgart, Germany
    +49 711 9454 0948

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Eleftherios Hatziioannou

    Halil Mandal


    Sony Music Entertainment Germany is a division of Sony Music Entertainment, one of the leading music companies worldwide with a widespread artist roster of international superstars and chart-topping domestic artists.

    Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH
    Balanstr. 73, Haus 31
    81541 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 540222 9300

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Lars Bendix Düysen

    Daniel Federauer

    sound diplomacy_ghhp.jpg

    Sound Diplomacy is the leading global advisor on Music Cities, music tech and market development. Sound Diplomacy provides cutting-edge research and market expertise, placing music, music business and night time economy strategies in city, region, tech and development plans.

    Sound Diplomacy
    Mahlower Str. 6
    12049 Berlin, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Katja Hermes

    Lucas Knoflach 

    Splash, winner of last year's SXSW VR category, is pioneering new technologies for audiences to experience immersive, interactive content in Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality. We launched Splash, the first mobile app ever to enable users to record and share 360 videos using their phone. Taking the learnings from Splash, we're launching a platform for creating mixed and virtual reality experiences. Talk to Michael Ronen, CEO, about the experience and insights gained from the biggest community of 360/VR videos creators on mobile, as well as developments in these new mediums.


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Michael Roten




    Sony Music Entertainment Germany is a division of Sony Music Entertainment, one of the leading music companies worldwide with a widespread artist roster of international superstars and chart-topping domestic artists.

    SportScheck GmbH
    Biberger Strasse 37
    82008 Unterhaching, Germany
    +49 89 6654 2508

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jan Kegelberg


    Stagelink, the fan-powered tour promoter, crowdsources live events, leveraging millions of online followers to create successful shows and tours. On, artists and managers track fan-driven, real-time demand to plan, pre-finance, and de-risk tours, while reaching highly engaged audiences.

    Legiendamm 8
    10179 Berlin, Germany
    +1 347 4801013

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Nikolas Schriefer


    Paula Schwarz created a community of partners who create tech-tools to cover basic social needs. Builders of different disciplines work together according to a common code of conduct to create. In 2016, Startupboat raised a total of 5million in funding for social entrepreneurs, grew 21 projects and built the first Academy for Grassroots Innovation at the border between Asia and Europe.


    Contact person at SXSW:
    Paula Schwarz


    Startupnight in Berlin is one of Europe's largest events for the startup scene, where startups have the chance to present themselves to nvestors, corporates and potential customers. Last years edition included 4000 visitors, 90 speakers, a 2-day conference and 200 exhibiting startups in 4 different locations.

    Startupnight - Lange Nacht der Startups
    Winterfeldtstraße 21
    10791 Berlin, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Cem Ergün-Müller


    The Sutor Bank, founded in 1921, is an owner-managed, independent private bank in Hamburg that supports fintech startups and digital businesses with a comprehensive banking platform. Sutor Bank makes fintechs work by providing all products, services, APIs and IT systems fintechs need from a licensed bank to start and run their own business models.
    In the future Sutor Bank would like to support US fintechs and digital businesses to enter the German and European market.

    Sutor Bank
    Hermannstr. 46
    20095 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 82223 163

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Hartmut Giesen


    SZ Scala is Süddeutsche Zeitung’s new agency. Our services include cross-media corporate publishing in SZ quality as well as sustainable public relations. During media training sessions and executive workshops, we offer exclusive insights into the work of Süddeutsche Zeitung.

    SZ Scala GmbH
    Hultschiner Straße 8
    81677 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 21 83 - 8355

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Angela Kesselring


    t3n, a magazine for the digital economy, provides information about online business, social media, web technology and design as well a challenges of a digital future, both online and in quarterly print editions. It targets web workers and creatives, startup founders and managers, marketers and media professionals.

    t3n Magazine / yeebase media GmbH
    Kriegerstr. 40
    30161 Hanover, Germany
    +49 511 1659 440

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Andreas Lenz

    Jan Christe


    Tech Open Air is Europeís leading interdisciplinary technology festival. We want to connect, grow and inspire through knowledge exchange and collaboration. By matching technological changemakers with other disciplines, we help the disrupted better anticipate the future and the technologists better understand the world they change.
    Beside our flagship event in Berlin, we have also launched our TOA World Tour Series in LA and Tokyo.

    Tech Open GmbH
    Wattstr. 11
    13355 Berlin Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Jacopo Luperi

    Nikolas Woischnik


    Tellux Next develops multiplatform entertainment formats for film & TV as well as the online-world and the game-sector.
    By being a company belonging to the Tellux-Group, Tellux Next is part of one Germany’s biggest independent film & media production conglomerates.

    TELLUX next GmbH
    Laplacestr. 12
    81679 Munich,nbsp]Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Philipp Schall


    Tickaroo is providing Live-Reporting technology to the masses. Sports data is transferred in real-time via text, stats, photos and videos to the sports fan directly from the sidelines. Leagues, publishers, journalists as well as the Fans use Tickaroo technology to reach their audiences with ease.

    Tickaroo GmbH
    Waffnergasse 8
    93047 Regensburg, Germany
    +49 941 5861 2578

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Matthew Ulbrich

    Thomas Andorfer



    Toposens develops 3D sensors based on ultrasound that can detect the 3D position of objects and people in real time. The sensors are small, energy efficient, robust, cheap and protect people’s privacy. They can be used for people tracking, gesture control and object detection.

    Toposens GmbH
    Blütenstraße 15
    80799 Munich,nbsp]Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Tobias Bahnemann

  • TRO

    TRO Music and Sound Agency
    TRO sets new benchmarks in the strategic use of sound and music in brand communication, creating musical brand experiences. TRO ensures a targeted usage of auditory content by translating brands into a veritable Sonic DNA as a strategic part of corporate identity.

    TRO GmbH
    Zimmerstr. 19
    40215 Duesseldorf,nbsp]Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Hans Landwehr

    Frederic Scheuss


    With umi music, I do manage a variety of bands (metal, alternative rock, synth pop, indie pop rock, but also a concept product mixing pop and classics: xandria from Germany, The Kordz from Lebanon, young thrashers Rezet from Germany, as well as PALAST from Berlin / Germany and Australian Indie rockers ALL MANKIND and MAESTRA, a pop meets classic concept. Furthermore I consult labels / bands + brands, and at the same time I represent UDR Music, which roster is representing the likes of Motörhead, Saxon, Europe, Annihilator, Morbid Angel, etc. Furthermore, I also represent UDR’s sister company Up2Eleven, which offers a broad range in music business services, for customers and interested parties across the globe. Especially offering the (label) service to release your label and / or artist withing the success-proven network of UDR (world wide distribution: Warner / ADA). I do seek business opportunities within these companies’ network.

    UMI Music
    Urs Middelhauve
    +49 162 207 89 30


    University of Applied Sciences – Hochschule Kaiserslautern
    Scheonstraße 6
    67659 Kaiserslautern,nbsp]Germany
    +49 631 3724 - 4601

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Matthias Pfaff


    UplinkIT GmbH is a Company based in Kaiserslautern which targets the support of the mid-sized, and the public sector in terms of digitalization.

    UplinkIT GmbH
    Lutrinastr. 2-4
    67655 Kaiserslautern,nbsp]Germany
    +49 631 343591 0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Alexander Fridhi


    As part of the Splendid Group, a medium-sized, integrated media group based in Germany, we founded our Multi Channel Network VERY US for webvideo creators and social influencers in late 2015. Within one year we have aggregated 50 creators of different genres. The long-term development of our talents, targeted brandpartnerships and building bridges between old and new economies are the main business objectives of VERY US.

    a division of WVG Medien GmbH
    Neumuehlen 17
    22763 Hamburg, Germany
    +49 40 89085503

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Dennis Grimm

    Peter Wilhelm


    Videopath is an interactive video tech that lets creators bring clickable websites directly into video, adding useful context, inspiring curiosity in viewers and keeping audiences engaged. 

    Samariterstr 1
    10247 Berlin,nbsp]Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Anna Rose


    Virado is an Insurtech startup from Cologne, Germany. We provide insurance brokers and agents, as well as retail and online shops with access to product, niche and gadget insurances from well known insurance companies. Our different solutions provide full integration into web presences, as well as into any social media channel.

    Am Hof 20-26
    50667 Cologne,nbsp]Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Achim Hepp


    The VR Association bundles the competencies in Germany´s capital region Berlin-Brandenburg revolving around Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Among the members are Studio Babelsberg, UFA LAB, Exozet, SMI, Metropolis VR, Filmuniversity Babelsberg und Hasso-Plattner School of Design Thinking.

    Virtual Reality e.V. Berlin Brandenburg
    c/o Exozet Potsdam GmbH
    August-Bebel-Str. 26-53
    14482 Potsdam,nbsp]Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Henry Bauer


    vitaliberty's vision is to enable people to enjoy a better quality of life and vitality throughout their whole life. By combining the methodologies of behavior change, sport science with big data, psychology and UXD we aim to provide a truly adaptive, yet humanly fitness program for each of us.

    vitaliberty GmbH
    Augustaanlage 54-56
    68165 Mannheim,nbsp]Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Bjoern Sternsdorf

  • WDR

    Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) is the largest media organisation in Germany. It is a member of the public broadcasting network ARD and produces approximately a quarter of the nationwide network’s programming: “Das Erste”, Channel 1, is the country’s primary and longest-running German TV network.

    Westdeutscher Rundfunk WDR
    Appellhofplatz 1
    50667 Cologne, Germany
    +49 221 2200

    Contact person at SXSW:

    Ingmar Cario

    Arne Orgassa


  • WDR 3

    WDR 3 is the culture radio of Westdeutscher Rundfunk, one of the largest public broadcasters in Europe. WDR 3 is the biggest producer of music in the state of NRW and the biggest and most innovative producer of radio drama in Germany.

    WDR 3
    Appellhofplatz 1
    50667 Cologne, Germany
    +49 221 220 4891

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Wolfram Kaehler

    Martina Mueller-Wallraf



    Wecause – Manufactory of Brand communication. Our mission is to connect the digital and the physical world. We are present in the competence fields of Design, Interior, Trade Fairs, Event, Moving Images, Social Media & Photography.

    Wecause GmbH
    Lindenspürstr. 115-117
    70176 Stuttgart, Germany
    +49 711 215 74 100

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Carlo Bernauer

    Yannick Simon



    WERK1 is an incubator for digital entrepreneurship. The campus provides facilities and an environment that support founders and innovators to grow and succeed with their ideas. WERK1 Residents benefit from valuable events, free of charge workshops, flexible contracts - starting with coworking up to single open-plan office - and an outstanding community of entrepreneurs.

    WERK1.Bayern GmbH
    Grafinger Street 6
    81671 Munich, Germany
    +49 89 9952 9922

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Dr. Franz Glatz

    Florian Bergmann



    We produce documentaries, shows, feature films, digital and branded entertainment for cinema, TV and web. 
    - Life Is A Road Trip (non-scripted reality)
    - Perfect Match (dating show)
    - Berlin Night Cab (non-scripted reality)
    - Shakespeare's Last Order (feature film)
    - The White Horse Inn (feature film)

    Wieduwilt Film & TV Production GmbH
    Luwdigkirchstr. 11A
    10719 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 688 1330 30

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Stefan Wieduwilt



    Germany’s Wintrup Musikverlag owns substantial catalogues of copyrights from the G/S/A territories. In-house radio/TV promotion, creative services + extensive advisory services. Direct member of several European collecting societies. Proactive sub-publisher  for David Guetta, Tom Waits & more...

    Wintrup Musikverlag
    Bismarckstrasse 11
    32756  Detmold, Germany
    +49 5231-9253-0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Marcus Buente


    WOMEX – the World Music Expo, is an international networking platform for the world music industry. The annual five-day event end of October comprises a bustling Trade Fair, Showcase Festival, Conference, and Film programme, as well as festive Opening and Award ceremonies. 22 WOMEX editions have affirmed the value of networking across borders, be they musical, political, cultural or commercial.

    c/o Piranha Arts AG
    Kreuzbergstraße 30
    10965 Berlin, Germany
    +49 30 318 614 27

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Alexander Walter


    The World Food Programme (WFP) Innovation Accelerator was launched to identify, nurture and scale up bold solutions to challenges in humanitarian and development aid. Based in Munich, the Accelerator brings together internal WFP staff with experts from across the private sector and civil society to develop high-impact, human-centered innovations for a world with Zero Hunger.

    World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator
    Buttermelcherstrasse 16
    80469 Munich, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Bernhard Kowatsch

  • XING

    XING is the leading online business network with close to 11 million members in German-speaking countries. Workers from every industry use XING to connect with one another, to look for jobs, new hires, projects, cooperation partners, expert advice and business ideas.

    Dammtorstraße 30
    20535 Hamburg,nbsp]Germany
    +49 40 419 131-0

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Patrick Alberts

    Martin Rusch


    XING Events provides organizers of conferences, trade fairs and seminars access to 11 million XING members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as an award-winning event management software for online event registration and ticketing. We support you before, during and after your event.

    XING Events GmbH
    Sandstr. 33
    80333 Munich,nbsp]Germany
    +49 800 612 15 22

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Matthias Schmidt


    You-VR is a fully integrated Entertainment System for personalized and narrative virtual reality experiences. We provide a back-to-back development of software and hardware, enabling the participant to fully plunge into the adventure of his life, not only with his body and soul, but with the whole personality.

    You-VR Labs
    Sophienstr. 18
    10178 Berlin,nbsp]Germany  

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Cyrill Tuschi

  • ZAB

    ZAB is a central point of contact for potential investors, existing SMEs and technology-oriented start-ups in Brandenburg. We offer services from a single source and enable you to make the best of the extensive support programs. We work individually, confidentially — and free of charge, of course.

    Brandenburg Economic Development Board (ZAB)
    Steinstr. 104-106
    14480 Potsdam, Germany

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Mark Hartfiel
    +49 331-660 3132

    Dr. Stefan von Senger und Etterlin
    +49 331-660 3205

  • ZDF

    ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) is Germany’s national public television broadcaster. It is run as an independent non-profit corporation under the authority of the Länder, the sixteen states that make up the Federal Republic of Germany.

    The nationwide channel “ZDF” has been on air since 1 April 1963 and remains one of the country’s leading sources of information, culture and entertainment. Today, ZDF also operates the thematic channels ZDFneo and ZDFinfo. In partnership with other public broadcasters, ZDF jointly operates the German channels PHOENIX and KI.KA, and the European channels 3sat and ARTE. Together with the public broadcaster ARD,  ZDF launched the Youth Hub in October 2016 offering web only-content for the target group 14-29 years.

    The corporation has a permanent staff of 3,600 plus a similar number of freelancers. ZDF is based in Mainz and maintains domestic bureaus in the 16 Länder capitals as well as special editorial and production facilities in Berlin. For international coverage, ZDF has foreign correspondents operating from 19 bureaus outside Germany.

    ZDF-Str. 1
    55118 Mainz, Germany
    +49 6131 70 15116

    Contact person at SXSW:
    Isa Ostertag