The New Sound of Music - Exploring the Future of Audio Intelligence

Author: Reanne Leuning, Director Creative Industries, Advantage Austria

Germany and Austria are pioneers when it comes to the innovative application of new concepts and technologies to sound. Throughout history, these countries were the birthplace of some of the most innovative and significant ideas and concepts that connected music, science and technology. Germany and Austria have thus joined forces to transform German Haus into an exciting future lab of audio, sound and music technologies on Tuesday, March 14.

We extend a warm welcome to you to join us and explore the future of sound and technology from a western European point of view. At German Haus, you will meet a visionary community of creators that are combining arithmetic, humanistic and scientific approaches with both traditional and innovative audio sources. It all contributes to areas as diverse as the music branch and other creative industries, health and life sciences, spatial audio, branding, deep learning and virtual reality.

Under the motto “The New Sound of Music,” the joint German-Austrian day will feature industry showcases uniting surprising ingenuity with convincing business models, demonstrations of state-of-the-art technologies, inspiring panel discussions and cutting-edge performances, all centered around music and audio intelligence. Experience live performances using exciting new technologies.

  • • a wave field generator – 16 simultaneously steerable wave-front beams and up to thousands of individually driven sound converters create virtual acoustic spaces and audio solutions for new immersive environments;
  • • a new, immersive live streaming for opera and concert in Full-HD or 4K Ultra-HD quality with second screen apps for subtitles or scripts;
  • • an installation creating immersive audio in a quality which supercedes the current standard (first order ambisonics) by a factor of four (fifth order ambisonics) – a complete ex-teritorialization of sound, and the solution for motion sickness in VR.

Come and see, come and listen, it’s going to be ear-boggling!

>> Tuesday, March 14th @ German Haus