Wunderbar - The Multifaceted German Music Scene

Author: Michael Wallies, Initiative Musik

Popular music from Germany takes on many forms. Legendary Bands such as Kraftwerk, The Scorpions, and Rammstein continue to make a lasting impact on the international music scene, setting high standards with their sound and live performances. German musical acts, from underground to mainstream, also have a huge impact on numerous innovative genres including krautrock, electronic, and contemporary music. At the SXSW Music Festival, you can enjoy fourteen emerging acts from Germany such as Christian Löffler, Gurr, and Sven Helbig. They make unique music that stands on its own on international markets, demonstrating once again that Germany remains a vibrant environment for music production.

Germany’s versatile music market is one of the strongest market areas for music worldwide. No other country can boast a comparable concentration of live clubs and (generally sold out) music festivals. More than five hundred festivals take place every year, attracting fans from all around the world. Just think of the legendary heavy metal festival Wacken, one of the top live-music brands globally, or Melt!, at the amazing Ferropolis venue – the city of iron.

One special festival worth mentioning is PEACE x PEACE, a benefit festival for refugee children and those in warzones, initiated by the musician Fetsum and which took place for the first time in Berlin in 2016. More than twenty stars from the German music scene supported the idea with plenty of dedication, setting a signal for global solidarity. Experience PxP in German Haus with a concert by the PxP all-stars, with keynote talks by celebrity artists who challenge the resilience of the democratic and solidarity concepts in turbulent times such as these. The concert is being presented and recorded by ARTE Concert, the music platform of German–French broadcaster ARTE.

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