Author: MATTHIAS STROBEL, co-founder and President of the Federal Association for Music Technology in Germany (MusicTech Germany) and co-founder of WickedWork, a creative tech catalyst based in Berlin.

Creative Technologies play a key role in bridging the (traditional) creative industries and the digital sector and have enabled a multitude of vertical industries to execute smart, strategic, and successful visions for new markets. As an emerging branch of the creative industries, creative technology has grown exponentially fast and has proven to be at the forefront of

innovation, fostering new business models and enabling a new type of creative entrepreneurial spirit. Creative tech innovators have a unique understanding of how to execute opportunities that come with access to new and emerging technologies: Start-ups create fascinating products. Brands are enabled to engage and re-engage their customers and clients in truly unique ways. Content creators and artists build interactive and immersive experiences for audiences and encourage new and meaningful approaches to media, art, music, fashion, or film through mediums and technologies like artificial intelligence, digital art, mixed realties, 3D-printed architecture, LED fabric, algorithmic visuals, coded music or

music created with custom electronics. During a two-day focus on Creative Technology at the German Haus, we will present a thoughtfully curated program showcasing emerging technologies as they are applied to creative entrepreneurial pursuits and artistic explorations.

MusicTech Germany and the creative tech catalyst WickedWork invite you to dive into the endless possibilities of creative technology,find inspiration and explore the outstanding works from visionary innovators and artists from Germany at the German Haus on 410 East 6th Street on Tuesday, March 12 and Thursday, March 14th, 2019.

>> Tuesday, March 12 and Thursday, March 14th @ German Haus