Wunderbar Music Day


Author: Neus López, Project Manager Export, Initiative Musik gGmbH

When you think of Germany, what’s the first music you think of? Is there a true “German sound”? Probably the most famous bands from Germany you come up with off the top of your head are Kraftwerk, Scorpions, Nena, Einstürzende Neubauten or Rammstein. Despite all having very different musical styles, they all have something in common: all have excelled in their artistic careers, pushed the limits of creativity and opened paths to new generations of musicians – in Germany as well as internationally. Nowadays these new generations continue exploring new ways of making music and are bringing innovative sounds to new levels that are turning conventions on their head.


That’s why we’d rather focus on the wide variety of artists from Germany instead of trying to limit ourselves to a single “German sound.” This variety forms a current-day musical kaleidoscope that is supported and nurtured by a dense network of clubs, musical venues and festivals in the country. Add myriad music lovers to this, ones who tenaciously keep consuming music (both recorded and live), and the sum total makes Germany the third-largest music market worldwide. The German musical landscape ranges from jazz (with events like the German Jazz Festival in Frankfurt, celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year), to electronic music (including the CTM Festival in Berlin, which just had its twentieth anniversary), through to rock, pop and everything in between: heavy-metal fans have kept coming to Wacken Open Air for thirty years, and German cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Mannheim all have dynamic music scenes of their own, keeping the flame alive.


And to prove that there isn’t “the German sound” but rather different variations, we’d like to invite you to come to our German Haus at SXSW 2019. It’s where you can discover a slew of exciting new artists that are taking music to the next level. Enjoy the solid garage rock of bands like Gurr (2018 IMPALA winner) and Leoniden. Discover the rhythms and voices of singer-songwriters like Alice Phoebe Lou (shortlisted in 2018 for an Academy Award for her song “She”), Laura Carbone, Suzan Köcher, Emma Elisabeth and Josin. Meet the young shooting star Sofia Portanet, dance to the electronic rhythms of the legendary Gudrun Gut, or to the beats by the Sonic Robots of Moritz Simon Geist, not to mention the analogue techno played by Komfortrauschen with drums and guitar. Not to forget Daniel Brandt, Robot Koch & Delhia de France, Wolf & Moon, Ori and DSTR, who will all be there, each one with a remarkable sound all their own. And what about Jazzrausch Bigband, the first jazz big band to be resident at a techno club in Munich? If you’re more into hip-hop, R&B or rap, then you have to check out Gaddafi Gals, Ace-Tee & Kwam.E, and Catnapp. And we can’t overlook our specialists in live-coded music, Alexandra Cárdenas and Byrke Lou, who will both be at the SXSW Conference and the SXSW Music Festival.


As you can see, there is plenty of music from Germany to discover at our German Haus. Come find out what it’s all about!

>> Wednesday, March 13th @Seven Grand